Shipping Policy


Shipping policy

The current pandemic is affecting transportation availability, therefore we will be experiencing delays. Please read this carefully as there is a possibility your package might arrive later than anticipated and you should only proceed in purchasing if you understand the risks. We strongly recommend choosing USPS Priority Mail Express or DHL Express upon checkout

When do you ship?

We ship orders 3 times per week, every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to avoid unnecessarily long transit times.  Prior shipping, we have to obtain export permit for your order to our government.  This is online process and will take 5 - 7 working days.   After the export permit released, we will send the plants to Quarantine office to be inspected in order to obtain phytosanitary certificate. 

So your order will be ship approximately 14 days after you place an order.  We offer also Fast Track Export Service.  This is our service for customers who will make regular purchases. Fast track service will speed up the administrative process to only a maximum of 3 days from the order received.  Contact our admin to get this service.


Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide within Asia, Europe, United States, and Canada except some country that plant shipping services is not available, such as India.   Please keep in mind, for some countries, plant shipping is only available when Customer could provide Import Permit.

We can ship to any country that requires a standard phytosanitary certificate and GMO declaration only.  Please note that this incurs a significant cost and is reflected in the shipping price



Once the item is shipped you will receive an automated email with tracking. Please make sure to follow tracking so your plants do not sit outside.   Shipping duration is depend on your Custom Clearance process. In term of delay, Customer shall contact local shipping provider call centre.


How do you Ship ?

Plants are rolled up in paper to provide protection for the leaves. We use styrofoam box or cardboard boxes as secondary packaging sometimes with air cushion packages to keep the plants as safe as possible. Generally, plants are rooted in damp sphagnum moss.   All orders are shipped via express shipping.  This minimizes the stress the plant has to go through, helping it acclimate faster.

Some leaf damage and plant stress should be expected, as these are live plants being shipped in a dark space and are subject to rough handling and sometimes extreme weather. We package with care to reduce as much risk as possible, but we cannot guarantee how the plant will handle the stress of shipping.