About Us

Increment demand for tropical, rare and unique plants generate growth in number of plant sellers in Indonesia.  This condition needs to be accompanied by the provision of a safe plant market that includes educated sellers.  

Plinplant was established to answer the above challenges. plintplant founded in 2021 by Susy Garden and Rav House, ornamental plant exporters from Indonesia who are committed to take a part in building a healthy ornamental plants export ecosystem in Indonesia.

In the existence of export opportunities and international demand for plants, plintplant want to support comfortable and safe transaction, both for buyer and seller. We have a web marketplace (www.plintplant.com) wich aim to create a comfortable and safe transaction for buyers by ensuring no scammer sellers in plintplant community. Because we only aknowledge Certified Plant Seller,  integrated shipping service with a fair and plant specific terms and conditions for both seller and buyer.

We also provide an export hub (shipping assistance for seller to ship worldwide legally). Our export hub provide export permit, phytosanitary,handling, packing and distribution with good practice  implementation.  

To help increase the number of professional plant seller in Indonesia, we are very happy to be one of the plant incubator that organize plant export training, coaching and plant export assistance. We are also facilitate member to participate in national & international plant expo. One of our expo we held every year is Jakarta Aroid Festival Flora, the biggest plant event in Jakarta.